we’re clear for liftoff

We’ve assembled a crack team of experts to take your project interstellar.

MATT MOORE |  President

MATT MOORE | President

BRANDON BARNARD |  Director of Film and Content

BRANDON BARNARD | Director of Film and Content

KYLE GILBERT |  Producer/Assistant Director

KYLE GILBERT | Producer/Assistant Director

RONDA PARKER |  Sr. Producer

RONDA PARKER | Sr. Producer

HANNAH VANDEVENTER |  Producer/Operations Manager

HANNAH VANDEVENTER | Producer/Operations Manager

TIFFANY CAPRICE  | Executive Producer (LA)

TIFFANY CAPRICE | Executive Producer (LA)

MICHAEL RAUSCH |  Production Coordinator

MICHAEL RAUSCH | Production Coordinator

COLTON CASPER |  Cinematographer/Lead Editor

COLTON CASPER | Cinematographer/Lead Editor

JUDE OLEAR |  Animator/Editor

JUDE OLEAR | Animator/Editor

ALEX KLINE |  Cinematographer/Editor

ALEX KLINE | Cinematographer/Editor